Jeep Tours



To all my upcoming tour guests:

Because my job entails welcoming guests who have been traveling, to avoid any health risk, I will also be taking precautions against the coronavirus.

Take note of the following:

- we will NOT shake hands when meeting eachother
- we will drive with the car windows open at all times
- I will provide hand sanitizer which we will use frequently
- I will provide enough water and urge you to drink every 15
- if you have a raised temperature or fever, I will not take you
on a tour
- I will not take you on a tour, if you have a sore throat and/or
if you are coughing!
- you will not recieve my regular warm hug when the tour has

Please keep yourself informed through the World Health Organization…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

Besides my other activities, I do jeeptours. My slogan is: 'Get lost with Lucy', because we go to secluded areas, difficult to reach if you don't know where they are and if you don't have an offroad vehicle. I have a selection of tours available - action and excitement, beautiful beaches, hiking tours, the rugged north coast, or the island tour. Choose what you want to see and do, or let me take you on an adventure and surprise you!

Starting from U$85 per person.


I have a great adventurous add-on in 2020!
A full hour of SeaBobbing! A SEABOB is a high-end underwater scooter that could have appeared in movies auch as James Bond. Halfway between a jet ski and an underwater scooter.
My SEABOB partner is The Bearded Butler and cost is US$95. If you are interested, I can arrange for Andy to meet us for this adventure.