Curacao - the island

Curacao makes your dreams of waking up to crystal waters and vibrant sunsets a reality. It really is the best-kept secret of the Caribbean.


Curacao's beaches are its best-kept secret. The best beaches are not the long, expansive patches of sand found on other islands, but rather smaller, more intimate beaches found in secluded inlets, called "bocas" in Papiamentu. Many of the best beaches are found at the west end of the island, which is fittingly named Westpunt, or "west point".

The island claims to have 38 beaches in all, yet you'll certainly find more along the secluded and rough coastlines of the eastern and northern coasts.


Curaçao has the perfect climate for a unique nature and wildlife. Prepare to meet tropical animals, colorful birds, funny fish and rare creatures. Landscape, flora and fauna here are very diverse. Curaçao has mountains, cacti, palmtrees and is famous for aloë vera and other herbal & healing plants. Whether you walk on the beach, climb the Christoffelmountain or drive around the inlands, be aware of the beautiful aspects nature brought to the island.

Time for adventure while hunting for the beautiful nature in Curaçao!


Curaçao is a melting pot with more than 50 nationalities. Afro-Caribbeans make up the majority of the population of 163.000 inhabitants. One result of the historic slave trade is a rich cultural heritage, embraced today by islanders and visitors alike. To the present day, Afo-Caribbean traditions continue to shape Curaçao. These Afro-Caribbean influences can, for example, be found in the Papiamentu-language, Tambu (curacao blues), the food, religion and spirituality.

Enjoy the stories about people and culture, habits and traditions and learn to understand the island life through it's beautiful people.