Life on Curacao

Life on Curacao · 22. November 2018
I am so happy with these two sweethearts! They are growing so fast, are being cheeky and funny, it is great to come home and be welcomed so enthousiastically. These dogs were stray, hungry little puppies, rescued from a life on the streets.

Life on Curacao · 21. October 2018
Hands-on Caribbean cooking class. Join the hype and learn how to cook with Caribbean ingredients. After class you can enjoy a delicious home-cooked lunch at the communal table.

Life on Curacao · 08. August 2018
As most of you will know, I started in Curaçao managing B&B Blenchi. Scrolling through my pics, I got that `Blenchi feeling` again! Where guests became family and most of them lifelong friends. Check it out!

Life on Curacao · 23. July 2018
Highest point on Curacao, 372 meters (1220 ft) and well worth making the effort to climb to the top. The view is amazing, and for me it is a special trip. Every time I go, I feel great about myself and have the feeling I can do anything!

Life on Curacao · 20. July 2018
Weddings on the beach.... dreamy white dresses.... barefoot brides.... and I sometimes get to take the photos!

Life on Curacao · 07. July 2018
This week I moved to my next housesitting address. What a place! It is so wonderful to get to live in so many various houses. In every house you feel a different vibe. I moved from an old but beautiful portugese style villa on a cliff with seaview, hopped from one apartment to the other at a great apartment complex, then stayed at another, newer, luxury villa with a pool, to a very old, classic house, with it`s own style. I love it! Even though I can`t really remember how my parents used to...

Life on Curacao · 30. June 2018
Housesitting.. a great thing to do. I get to live in so many different places, experience different lifestyles. My next stop is a house with an immense sense of freedom!

Life on Curacao · 24. June 2018
A wonderfull event on Curaçao

Life on Curacao · 29. May 2018
Allowed myself some R&R today, at Playa Lagun. Did some snorkeling, and decided I must get myself a new underwater camera! Been here for a while now, been snorkeling many times, but the abundance of beautiful fish never seize to amaze me. Big rainbow colored fish, a huge school of sardines being hunted by larger fish, making a beautiful ballet under water. Yep, definitely getting that cam, these are things I want to share! For now, only some above water images....

Life on Curacao · 18. May 2018
Yes.... I love living in Cuaraco Yes.... It is paradise Yet... life is not as easy as it looks. I migrated to Curacao for the managing of a B&B, with the promise of a future here, thinking this B&B was the place I could work (and enjoy!) until my pension and beyond.... I came with nothing but my clothes, no money in the bank, no possessions. So I worked hard and LOVED it, had faith in the future, was happy, was renting a lovely house that had been for sale for many, many years. When the...