I`m Lucy.

I live on this beautiful island since early 2016. I came to Curacao after being a housewife in Holland with odd jobs, because I suddenly became a widow and wanted to change my life. At exactly the right moment I was offered a job in Curacao, managing a Bed & Breakfast, which I gladly accepted. I loved Curacao from the moment I got off the plane!

Sadly enough, the owners of the B&B had the opportunity to sell the place in june 2017, so they did. There I was, without a job. So I started to show off the most beautiful remote places to tourists with my Jeep and slowly getting more work in the tourist industry. 

Now, next to the Jeeptours, I manage a few properties, and assist some second home owners from abroad, with welcoming their guests and lending them a helping hand in every way needed. 


The area I live and work is Banda Abou.




I love my work, I love Curacao, and I would love to help you in any way I can.