SPICE GIRL-caribbean flavors with a twist

Last week, I did a cook workshop at `Spice Girl`- caribbean flavors with a twist. The woman who calls herself `Spice Girl` is Helmi Smeulders, a very lovely lady with obviously, a passion for cooking. And it shows! She has written several cookbooks and the newest one: `The Joy of Caribbean Cooking`, is going to be released in December this year. Very exciting!
The way she explains the products, their use and lets you taste it all, allready makes you want to start cooking immediately!
The cook workshop is very interesting. Products you usually walk past in the supermarkets, because you don`t really know them, now become a challenge. With the group of today, we made a fantastic lunch!
I really advise anyone who loves to cook, to take a workshop with `Spice Girl`. It is a great way to spend a morning in the caribbean, and you get to eat all the dishes from the manual made by the `students` of the day!

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    Helmi aka Spice Girl (Friday, 16 November 2018 18:30)

    Great Lucy! Love your pics!