Discovering new tour routes

Hartmut and Kerstin were at their beautiful villa (Villa Wakanda) and we decided to make a little tour of the unknown. We discovered even more beautiful ruggedness than we allready knew on the north shore. It was fun! Great to be able to see all the beauty there is when you have a jeep. Most people on holiday get to the see the beaches- breathtaking, the ocean-clearer than tapwater, the tourist attractions-all interesting and fun... but with the jeep you get to see a totally different side of the island. You feel like you could run into a dinosaur-u actually do, because the iguanas are abundant here. Wild pigs, goats, sheep.... they all walk freely between the many cacti and shrubs. Thanks Hartmut and Kerstin, also for the photos, it was a lovely day... once again!

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