Making opinions change....

Touring with guests,is such a great experience, for me aswell! I just love Curacao, it is so rewarding to show it off. The Private Jeep adventure I offer makes me get to know people, we talk, we laugh, it is more than just driving around. We connect!
The area I live and work, Banda Abou, is so much different from where most people stay during their holiday, (meaning the Willemstad area). It is rural, wild, remote and absolutely beautiful. The beaches are natural and pretty, the North coast is rugged and wild, the drive from one stop to the other, with the Christoffel mountain and the surrounding hills everywhere around us, is almost a tour by itself!
Yesterday, this couple was not yet impressed very much by Curacao, telling me they would never come back here, which makes my tour more of a challenge. I am so happy they chose to tour with me, instead of a big tourist bus with no personal attention, because this way they really get to know about real life on this island, not the facts and stories that a tour guide working for the big companies obviously has to tell the tourists. (Nothing wrong with that by the way, the history and facts are also very interesting!)
And guess what? At the end of the tour, they actually had a better opinion of Curacao. Maybe, just maybe.... enough to make them consider another trip here somewhere in the future? Or at least tell their friends that is was ok?

So, don`t hesitate to contact me if you want a little adventure tour, GET LOST WITH LUCY, and hopefully, I can make you appreciate the other side of this magnificent island, where not everything is as organized as the big hotels and tourist areas!

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